Many Things to Do

We have a lot of catching up to do today. The downside of taking a vacation.

Speaking of which ... a wonderful time was had by all on our recent weekend in the Poconos. We were there Thursday through Sunday and were joined Friday through Sunday by our college friends, Adrienne (of martinimade.com) and Scott and their kids. We rambled around the lake, threw the kids in the lake and onto the playground, and played lots and lots of games. Thumbs up for Munchkin, Castle Panic and Forbidden Island, not so much for Castle Keep ... but maybe we were doing it wrong. The kids ran around, got on each other's nerves, or alternately became friends and got along great, were adorable and funny, played Xbox, and had a great time, too. We also ate a lot. But, that seems to be what happens at the Mountain House.

So, today: the catching up. Coupon clipping and organizing, shopping lists, pre-trip laundry to put away, post-trip laundry to do, piano practicing, vacuuming, job searching and applying, Emily's trip photos to process (I'm only about 20% done...yeesh), exercising, Fiddler on the Roof-ing.

In other words, a Monday.

[UPDATE 9:55 a.m.] I've applied to nine actual job postings and cold emailed four other schools just to put my name in front of them. I've also printed a slew of coupons and refined this week's coupon shopping list. The kids have accomplished approximately bupkus. I think I'm finally ready to get up from the computer for awhile.


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Rebecca said...

Highly productive! Sounds like a very good time was had. :)