Honestly forgot all about this file for awhile. Need to put a shortcut on my desktop so I remember to write. So much has changed since last I wrote, it’s not even worth trying to play catch up.

Where are things now? Well, we’re still here in South Jersey, really starting to make friends and feel at home. We’re still working on debt, but I feel like we’re starting to make real headway and get serious about it. I was working part-time, but that didn’t work out … mostly my fault, really, but there’s more they could have done to help me know what to do and when to do it, etc. Emily is 4, now, and definitely knows everything. She’s starting to learn how to read and is on Pediasure and an appetite enhancer because she only gained 3 lbs. since her last birthday. Matthew outweighs her now, but is still a bit shorter. He’s talking quite a bit, making sentences and connections pretty well. Two smart kids on our hands, oh dear!

Can’t wait for the weather to really get nice and stay nice. It was in the 80s earlier this week, and it was SO nice to open up the house and let the breezes in. With my recent efforts, I’m even fairly happy with the way I look in shorts. Better than I have in years, that’s for sure. I want to get back out and on my bike for even more improvements!

The biggest upcoming event we have right now is our Second Honeymoon cruise in about a month. It’s so huge and we’re SO excited about it. I hope it lives up to half of our expectations. Joe’s mom will have the kids and even be taking them to Erin’s wedding. I’m bummed about missing Emily’s second run as a flower girl, but wouldn’t give up this vacation with Joe for hardly anything.

My June 2001 Playgroup Message Board has undergone a bunch of changes recently and is still undergoing quite a bit of emotional upheaval. We’re currently running our own self-governed Board and are electing Board leaders. I’m in the running, but I don’t know if I really have a shot. Heck, I don’t know how much I even really want it.

Have I mentioned how worried, ticked, frustrated I am that Joe hasn’t gone to the doctor about his cholesterol, feet and general well-being? I don’t know what I’m going to do about that. I’m very concerned and he knows it, but I can’t make him do it.

Speaking of doctors, I recently underwent a medical “scare.” Had to have a couple of lumps removed from my left breast. They’re simple cysts, and nothing to worry about, but at the time…who knew? The general anesthesia was the scariest part. I’m pretty much recovered now and even the scar is becoming less noticeable.

Well, guess that’s it for now. Joe is upstairs working. He said he’ll have to work a lot this weekend. But, I think it’s time to interrupt and spend a little time together. Maybe a movie. –END—