Recent Pics

Also want to take a second to post some semi-recent pictures. Enjoy!

First, I have Emily and Matthew dressed for Christmas. Awwww! (And, yes ... he's really that much taller than she is.)

Then it's just a quickie shot while riding in the van. My "twins."

Finally, Em and I share a moment at Boulder Field, in the Poconos.


Vader Rocks

OK, probably everyone has already seen this on Yahoo. But, just in case ... check out DJ Darth Vader, scratchin' to the Imperial March. Cracks me up!



It Has Begun ...

I now have over 4500 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in may garage. Hopefully most of the moms stop by today and take their shares. I'm hoping to get at least one car back under cover by tomorrow.



Actual Snow!

It started very lightly yesterday afternoon ... and then actually continued very lightly all night. OK, so yeah ... I can still see grass and leaves poking through it. But, it's honest-to-goodness snow!

Of course, it's snow with a lovely layer of still-accumulating freezing rain on top. Joy.



Snarky Comics Critiques

This site is one I check in with daily. I don't get a local newspaper, and don't get a chance to read the comics everyday. Particularly when there are so many. So, I just keep up with whatever gems Josh comes up with. The commentary cracks me up.



One More Thing

Yeah, I know "everyone" is talking about it, but I can't help it. I'm putting in a plug for Ugly Betty. It's funny, offbeat, and clever. It's not everyone's thing. But, it's mine.


Taking Over My Life

By the way ... as of next Monday ... my garage will be filled with 375 cases (@12 boxes each) of Girl Scout cookies. Caramel Delites, Peanut Butter Patties, Shortbread, Peanut Butter sandwiches, Reduced Fat Cartwheels, Thanks-a-Lots, Lemonades. And, of course my favorite ... Thin Mints.

Anyone want me to save / ship them any? "Only" $3.50 per box.


Such a Tease

Well, it sleeted last night. And the temperature actually dipped below freezing for a few nights in a row. But, all in all ... this has been the lamest winter ever. EVER. This light dusting of snow (yeah, it was actual snow in a few towns west of us) had people at school today saying, "OK, enough winter, already. We're ready for spring."

WHA? Are you kidding me? We've had temps in the 60s and even the 70s this whole season. How can you be ready for spring when we've essentially had spring straight through since fall? (last week I even saw some forsythia and crabapples starting to bloom)