We Interrupt This Program

For Christmas travel....

Christmas Eve we drive to Joe's mom's around midday. She hosts a big bash that night. We'll stay over and open presents in the morning. After some sort of Christmas breakfast, we'll leave and drive to Cazenovia, NY. We'll get to my brother's house and have Christmas dinner and open more presents. We'll stay over there and then drive to my folks' house on the 26th.

We're currently planning to stay there until the 2nd, but that's not set in stone at this point. Depends on weather and whether we're ready to strangle one another.

Merry Christmas to all!



Stay Cool, Boys...

I just drove through rural South Jersey between the two schools at which I teach. (Man, I so want to write "which I teach at!"

Passed a field a minute or two back down the road. There were two large flocks of geese, facing toward each other, separated by about 15 yards. Every now and then one of the front-line geese would sort of shuffle its feet and shift around, but mostly they were just staring at each other.

I giggled out loud in the car when I was suddenly struck with what a very Sharks v. Jets moment it was.



Caroling Along

This past Saturday night, we caroled throughout downtown Millville. Emily, Joe and I traipsed up and down High Street, popping in and out of stores and restaurants with members of the Off Broad Street Players. A capella caroling in four parts...no mean trick. We were even costumed in more-or-less Victorian garb. (Em wasn't going for my nudges to periodically announce "God Bless Us, Everyone!" which is probably will result in fewer listen-to-how-my-mom-exploited-my-cuteness-for-public-entertainment therapy hours later in life.)

It was seasonal, frigidly cold and oh-so fun! Emily even made the local newspaper. Article here. And photo gallery here (Joe is rather prominent in picture #20, and I'm over toward the left.).

Later, we gathered in front of the hopefully-soon-to-be-restored Levoy Theatre for a big fundraising raffle drawing. Various local dignitaries were present to draw names and make announcements. The mayor scooped up Emily at one point and she drew a ticket out (as much as I wanted to win one of the fabulous prizes, I'd have been mortified if she'd drawn my name out of the barrel).
Afterward, we went to a home for Christmas goodies and general hanging out (after we picked up Matthew). It was altogether festive and a great time.


Links Galore

This is how to keep an idiot busy (for at least a couple of minutes).

And, if you ever thought anything vaguely NC-17 was behind the scenes of the Fellowship of the Ring, this would be your "proof."

I doubt anyone would ever permanently get tired of this. I think I could poke at it all night. But, then I'm simple.

OK, some of these are in pretty poor taste, but that doesn't mean they're not also funny. You know, in that way you don't really want to admit to.

And this "infomercial???" is creepy and disturbing (maybe saying that is redundant). I mean, don't you think that things that shrivel away in anthropomorphic terror are really saying, "Tickle Me?" And the kids singing in the background? Don't they also do that in horror-movie soundtracks?

Finally, I really kind of like these ideas for alternative applications of Christmas lights. Not everyone has room for a Christmas tree. I would totally have done these in my dorm, had I thought of it.



Fleeting Moment

Last night the kids and I were snuggled on the couch. The lights were off except for the Christmas lights scattered about the room. We were watching Cat Cora take on Michael Symon on a special Iron Chef America holiday challenge. (Symon won, fyi) Emily was snugged up to my left under my arm and Matthew was leaning in on my right arm and shoulder. A big foofy comforter draped over our laps.

I leaned over and kissed them both on the tops of their heads and it struck me that this was one of those moments. The ones I'll long for all too soon. Matthew still has big hunks of cuddle-bug in him, but Em's snuggly moments are becoming rarer (except when she's actually cold).

Ever since they were about 4 & 6, they've just been in one fantastic age after another. I'm really enjoying this hunk of their childhood. Enough skills, knowledge and (frankly) potty training to allow us to do quite a lot, while they've yet to achieve the teen (or even tween) disdain, attitude, etc.

I could happily keep them at about this age forever. What's your favorite childhood age?



Busy and Wonderful

The weekend (starting last Wednesday) was full of all sorts of wonderful. Of note:
  • Nate saying, "Mommy" for the first time (and second, third, hundredth...)
  • Decorated the house inside and out (pics to come eventually when it's not raining at night)
  • Ate lots of turkey in various forms. Entirely satisfied with the moisture and flavor brining adds to the process.
  • Fantastic (when is it not?) pecan pie. Thanks, Kristin!
  • Played some new and old games (Monty Python Fluxx, Ticket to Ride, Killer Bunnies, Encore, Apples to Apples Jr., more Killer Bunnies, Settlers of Catan). I just adore playing games. All types.
  • Millville Holiday parade (the kids were in it for the first time, and it was neat waiting for them to come along and then even neater seeing their faces light up when they saw us)
Being back at work today is definitely a downer. NOT happy to be here. I want more family, more holiday, more pie, more games!