Happy Birthday, My Son

So .... now you're 11.

You're an amazing boy and growing into an equally amazing young man. We can see the bones changing under your skin, your face growing angles that weren't there a year ago. Before long we'll really be able to see the handsome man inside you.

But more than that, you're smart. Your brain makes connections I don't see coming.

You're musically talented. Piano, baritone horn ... and your voice ... it makes people tear up with its sweet purity.

You're empathic. You truly feel for others and wish them well. I cannot count the times you've turned to one of us with a comforting gesture just when we needed it most.

You're funny. Oh my ... you've brought us to tears laughing at your antics, your clever turns of phrase.Ever since you were only a couple of years old ("I'm sorry, but Nini forgot his legs."), you've had us at the mercy of your wit. And your nutball antics? Fugghedaboudit.

You're a ham. Anytime, anywhere you can take center stage with perfect ease and comfort. You may not see it yet, but this is a gift.

You're you.

You're so special to us and we welcome seeing you grow and mature even while we want to cram you back into yourself and fit you on our laps again.

Happiest of birthdays, Matthew!


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