Sign of the Times

This morning, the kids discussed the upcoming Ice Cream Truck season....

Matthew: I have a dollar, that will be enough for two things.
Emily: I don't know if that will be enough.
Matthew: Well, last year a dollar could get two things.
Emily: Yeah, but prices may have gone up. You know ... *dramatic pause* ... economy problems.


And, yes, they really talk like that.




I'm not very good at waiting for stuff.

My ever-enduring husband is used to this. He has received so many Christmas presents in October, it's not even funny. "But it's just perfect and you're going to love it, and it's really unique and special and perfect and amazing, and I can't wait until Christmas morning to see the look on your face!" He sighs, and then holds out a hand for the gift.

I develop elaborate countdowns (paper chains with a link for each day left until our Disney World trip), mental strategies for helping my inner dialogue delude me into thinking events are coming sooner than they really are ("Tomorrow, I can say to myself, 'Tomorrow!'"), even changing terminology to make time move faster ("Only two days and a wake-up. It's not actually three days.")

Whether it's a trip somewhere ("Less than two weeks....which is far less time than 13 days!"), a holiday ("this month is my birthday...that's soon!"), or seeing someone I miss ... I anticipate activities with the longing and enthusiasm of a four-year old.

That said, I adore surprises. I am the planner/organizer/cruise director of my family. So, I know about our itineraries, exactly what's inside each wrapped gift under the tree, everything. So when someone actually plans, orchestrates and carries off a surprise without me lifting a finger or becoming aware ... it's sheer bliss!

I'm not feeling particularly patient today. Waiting for some events, trips, birthday, theatrical rehearsals...*sigh*

All in good time, all in good time.....