Santa -- Yes! Easter Bunny -- No.

Through a highly-scientific survey process (read as: I asked a couple of teachers and students during recess yesterday), I have determined the following:

The Easter Bunny is downright creepy.

Not the concept of the Easter bunny. Not the idea of jellybeans, Peeps, Cadbury Creme Eggs, colored eggs. No, it's the actual bunny.

Folks dressed up in bunny suits for children's events, in particular.

I get a lot of e-mail. A lot. I'm not that popular a person, but I sign up for mailing lists, free offers, coupons, that sort of thing. Recently, every restaurant, tourist information board, Chamber of Commerce I've ever had any contact with has been contacting me with various bunny-related activities. Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Welcome the Easter Bunny to the Mall, Brunch with the Easter Bunny, Steam Train Ride with the Easter Bunny, Car Wash with the Easter Bunny, Lap-Dance with the Easter Bunny ... (OK, maybe I made up one or two of those)

And, we all know what these events will entail ... a giant bunny-suited individual who may or may not talk through a bewhiskered, screened-in mouth frozen in a rictus of Easter-loving joy. An eight-foot, bowtied, tailcoated horror in fluffy white faux fur.

They're downright creepy.

I understand the need to "make fantasy come alive" for children. I understand the props and costumes and so forth to make Santa and Rudolph and all "real" for our kids. I take the kids to see Santa. I encourage the letter writing. I make sure we leave out cookies and milk and that they're at least partially consumed by morning. But ... the Easter Bunny?

I don't get it. And more than that ... it's creepy. I can't find a better word for it. OK, well, maybe I can. Disturbing. It's disturbing.

Some big sweaty men with fursuit fetishes are taking advantage of our children, and I don't care for it, not one little bit. And somehow, the "face" suit bunnies are even weirder. You know the type ... some perfectly genial intern or college student (usually female) dresses up in a pastel jacket, waistcoat (with obligatory pocket watch), plaid pants. Then there are obscenely large furry feet and mitts sticking out of the ends of the garments. Odd, wired-shaped ears stick up from a crooked headband or hood-like contraption. Then there's the biggest ick-factor ... the nose/whiskers/buck teeth prosthesis. There's nothing about this that says, "Trust me, I'm loveable and mean you no harm."

Beware the Bunny, friends.


ps. I'm not the only one to think so. I just Googled easter bunny creepy and found a lot of back-up. Like this gallery, or this Flickr image.


So, I've Been Unwell....

Right off the bat ... Thanks to all for their love and care and support!

Last week I developed a nasty infection in a delicate area (enough said). I wound up in the emergency room on Wednesday night, feverish and weak, having minor surgery. They sent me home with prescriptions for percocet (which alarmed me ... did they anticipate that much pain in my future???) and an antibiotic (no big surprise).

Since then, I've been dealing with swelling, tenderness, pain (yes, I took some of the percocet), and a couple of unsutured incisions that have yet to actually knit and clot. (ick) My fever is gone, which is good, and I think things are improving. But, it's been all kinds of not-fun.

I went to see my doctor (actually my certified nurse midwife, for those keeping score at home) on Thursday and I was all, "Hey ... it's no biggie, but they said I should see you..." And she was all, "Um. NO. It is very much a biggie. You have an infection in your body. You have wounds that need to heal. I want you off your feet for the foreseeable future. You can go to your workshop on Monday only if you stay off your feet. And come back and see me Monday afternoon."


Bored. So bored. Been watching a lot of movies (on a Kevin Kline jag at the moment...don't ask). Been rather uncomfortable, sitting on pillows, lying down, shifting positions all the time and what-not.

Talked to my CNM again this morning with some concerns and she said she may want me out of work another couple of days, depending on how things go when I see her tomorrow. ARG! I absolutely loathe developing sub plans.

Plans I had for the weekend got all messed up. We've been able to postpone for another time in a few weeks, but I'm just trying to heal as quickly as I can and get back to my real life.

This is all more frustrating than I can even describe.