Dear Santa

Hand-written letter handed to me this evening by my daughter who does not technically believe in Santa any more (grammar, wording, spelling, and footnote are all hers), following a day in which she and Matthew decided to save up for a keeshond puppy (our Sasha is a not-quite-four-year-old keeshond), and Joe and I told them that we would not be getting a puppy:

Dear Santa,
The things I want for Christmas are as follows. First I want, if you don't mind, about four feet of snow! I know weather really isn't your "thing" but I figure if anyone can get me what I want for Christmas it would be you! I mean, four feet of snow isn't really somthing you can bye at a store, if you know what I mean! Secondly I would like to have a keeshond puppy. I think you would know what a keeshond is from all of your *traveling. I know that I have very strange Christmas wishes. Most kids ask for a Wii or I-pod Touch but I ask for snow and a dog! I might be crazy but I am completely sane when I say that I only want these things.

Yours hopefully,
Emily Dugan

P.S. I'm sorry if I've spelled anything wrong.

* On Christmas Eve