Still Busy, Just Checking In

Well, my surgery seems to have gone well. I am very much still recovering. There is still occasional pain, particularly at the incision site. I get tired easily and don't feel like doing much.

Also, in four days we showed our house seven times. We received FOUR offers to buy the house. This is amazing and wonderful and exciting. And scary.

We've also gone through a home inspection on the house we'd like to buy. We'd considered it our dream house. But, due to some issues found in the inspection, I'm no longer sure if we will be buying the house. We're in limbo right now with that.

And we've sold our current home.

So ... not sure what's going to happen. Or where we will be living after mid-April.

I don't process uncertainty well. It kind of rocks me, bone-deep. So, this will be a struggle for me until it is resolved. Hopefully very soon.



Life Happens

So, I've had sinus surgery (from which I'm currently recovering). It's going to change my life, but right now I feel grody and tired and grumpy.

We're also selling our house. We have a signed sales agreement on a house nearby that can best be described as our dream house. But, we have to sell this one first.

These two things are keeping me busy and not-too-much on the computer.




I know how very late to the game I am, but I'm really enjoying Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

I've been binge-watching on Amazon Instant Video. So far, I'm on Buffy season six, episode 9 and Angel 3:10.

That's all for now.