A Flibbertigibbet, a Will-o-the-Wisp, a Clown!

We had the best time last night!*

We drove up to Cherry Hill to attend a movie event: The Sing-Along Sound of Music!

The theatre had a pretty good-sized crowd in it, and they were an animated bunch. Somehow the liberty of singing along also gives people the freedom to cheer (the marionettes), laugh (Maria and the children falling in the lake), comment snarkily (the Baroness) throughout the film.

The movie was wonderful, of course. I'd never before seen it on a big screen. It was an amazing and wonderful experience. When the camera finishes swooping through Austria, turns a corner in the Alps, and I finally caught a glimpse of a tiny Julie Andrews, I gasped and actually teared up a little. The feeling was akin to the sensation I got hearing the 20th Century Fox fanfare at the re-release of episode IV of Star Wars. The film's been super mega digitally restored, in both sound and picture. The detail and colors were stunning.

The sing-along words at the bottom were occasionally distracting (in the super close-up of Maria's face during "Something Good," the words were scrawled across her chin), but overall is was a fantastic experience. Matthew has spent all morning singing "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?"

If ever there's a re-showing of this event in your area, do it, do it, do it!


*Sadly, the mood is significantly bleaker this morning. It was a late outing for a school night. And, the combination of Joe's head/chest congestion and the humid clamminess everywhere resulting in nightmares,** so it was approximately the worst no-infants-in-the-house night's sleep we've ever had.

** Which included a gasping-startle-awake followed by grabbing Joe and frantically whispering, "There's someone in the house!" Which led to him jumping out of bed like I'd dumped ice water on him. Several quiet and terrifying moments later, he returned to give the all-clear. But his adrenaline-fueled body was miles from sleep and he decided to just stay up at that point (roughly 5:30 a.m.).


Crafty Update

The Mary Shelley jacket is complete. It's a bit snugger through the upper arms than I wuld like and is a bit more bolero styled than I would normally prefer, but I think those are simply due to the style of the jacket. It's not like I'm going to just wear it out and about, so I'm not concerned. It's not bad enought that I'm going to bust through the princess seams, Hulk-style, so no real worries. Hopefully, I get some pics of it this afternoon.

The repurposed sweater blanket(s) proceed(s) apace. I have an enormous stack of sweaters now. I have felted (fulled) them and cut them apart. Ribbed hems, cuffs and collars have been removed, as well as button/zipper plackets on the cardigans. I've also cut the components apart at the seams. My rotary cutter should come from Amazon today and then we'll be in business.

Finally, I almost forgot one additional project. I know! I purchased fabric last night for Matthew's Halloween costume. He's going to be a Jedi (old school with the brown robe and beigey undertunic). The deal is that I make the costume while Joe has to make the light saber. I have the much simpler deal, though I think I shortchanged myself a bit on the fabric, so I'm not sure we have a hooded robe in our future. Matthew's knowledge of Jedis consists of one viewing of the original Star Wars, about two years ago, and extensive playing of Lego:Star Wars on the Xbox, so I'm not sure he'll even notice the absence of a hood.

I feel so dang crafty/productive lately. Pics soon, I promise.

To tide you over:

A turkey I knitted last fall

and, a sweater I made for my niece, Rachel.



Just Crafty Stuff

Have nearly finished making an awesome Victorian-esque jacket for my Halloween costume (using the view in the upper right corner, View A). I'll be gracing the Wheaton Arts Halloween Trick-or-Treat-a-ganza as Mary Shelley. Joe will be my Frankenstein's monster. We'll be spreading lessons of friendship along with our sugary treats.

Knitting this afghan. Twelve squares (out of forty-eight) done. Using a neutral fisherman cream color.

Finished: a hat for my nephew. Knitting a matching sweater, like this, but in grey, red and green.

Also in the works is a felted wool quilt/blanket. Repurposing and home-felting wool sweaters from Goodwill. Yeah!


ps. Pics of my actual progress to be posted when the light is good enough to get some nice images.