Tech Week

This is tech week. I am at the theatre a lot. And when I'm home, I'm trying to chill, and I'm baking.

On tap for baking this week: soft gingersnaps, oatmeal-butterscotch, peanut butter, soft sugar cookies

See you when I resurface.


Fun With Friends

Adrienne really put it very well. So much fun hanging with them throughout their visit.


Mountains Beat the Sea

I have not seen anything that looks like this.

This is the first glimpse I got of the Rockies on this trip. The view hasn't improved much since then.
Periodically throughout the past 36 hours, ever since I arrived in Denver, my eyes are drawn to the West, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Rocky Mountains.

This time of year, many of my friends are posting pictures of their feet and a view of the ocean. Toes in the sand, blue skies, surf ... that sort of thing.

And, while I love a good Shore day, I've always been able to do without sand. I love the Boardwalk, the fries, the ocean breeze, the fresh air. But, my idea of the perfect Shore day doesn't involve any time actually in the ocean, and doesn't necessarily have to include actually touching the sand. It's not because I grew up sans beach. On the contrary, I was raised mere minutes from miles of pretty decent beach at Lake Erie.

Nope, for me, it's the mountains. I love a view across valleys. I love the crisp air at altitude. I love the clear, dry skies and the scent of pine. I love windy mountain roads, sledding, hiking.

Spending Christmas in the Poconos is far closer to my idea of bliss than spending 4th of July at the Shore (though I really, really miss our weeks of cramming a jillion Dugans into a shore house for the week of the 4th).

Sand is annoying. Mountains make me feel at home.


Stuff to Do

And not much time to do it ...

Today I have to
  1. buy a window air-conditioner for our spare room.
  2. meet Joe for lunch
  3. work on my Rowan University syllabus
  4. work on my Cumberland County College syllabus
  5. update the program book for Spamalot
  6. go for a run
  7. get the kids to do chores
  8. update the Cumberland Players website
  9. shower (see #6)
  10. check-in online for my flight tomorrow*
  11. pack for my trip
  12. go to bed early (I have to leave my house at 4:30 a.m.)
* I'm a state delegate, representing Cumberland County, of the National Education Association Representative Assembly in Denver. I'll be back on the morning of July 8.


Vacation Daydreams

As I wait out the last few teacher-days of school (we have to work through Friday, but our last student day was Monday), I find myself daydreaming about summer vacation trips.

Next year I have a trip in July to Orlando, so maybe we visit Mickey and Harry Potter and then venture down to the Everglades and Key West? I'm also researching costs and ideas for a dream vacation touring France.

But we have a dream vacation planned for this August, already. I'm terribly excited about it while also feeling like it's this unreal, amorphous thing that's out there on the horizon, never to actually be achieved. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here you go: