Well, That's Awfully Nice to Hear...

Sometimes you're having a perfectly mediocre day and then your student evaluations make you feel as though maybe, just maybe, you're really meant to be an educator. Now if only someone in higher ed would hire me ...

  • Professor Dugan is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person. She is fair with her assignments and the work load isn't all that bad. The class was one of my favorites this past semester because of the classroom environment. On top of this, the class itself is really interesting, and the literature is really good for the most part.
  • The instructor was amazing and will help you want to learn the material as well as just be in the classroom. Moreover, the content and books that are read are short and interesting enough that I would recommend this class to anyone, even those that do not like to read.
  • The material was very clear cut and easy to understand. The professor was very relatable, friendly, and helpful.
  • She is a very good professor and she made the class very enjoyable. I liked talking about all of the stories we've read in class and she made them more understandable and clear as well. I would definitely recommend taking the class
  • Highly recommended to take this course with this professor. She is very understanding and really strives for her students to comprehend the material in her lessons. She was my favorite professor this year and I can't wait to have her again next semester
  • Great professor. I took this class as a biology major senior so for me it was a nice relief class. I appreciate the worldliness it gave me. I feel I am more well rounded, and can participate in conversations about American Literature.
  • AMAZING class! Professor Dugan is the best professor I've had. She's exteemely personable and I would most definitely take any class she's teaching.
  • Professor Dugan is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I expected to not like the course at all because I am usually not a literature person, but Professor Dugan always makes the class extremely interesting and fun and it ended up being my favorite class. I learned a ton and I have a newfound love for literature because of this course.
  • Professor Dugan is an okay professor, her feedback on my assignments seemed kind of harsh and did not really do anything except make me feel down on myself. I also do not like the fact that the only grades you have for the class are test/quizzes a final paper and a final exam. 

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