I'm a busy person. I have stress about money, work, family ... all the "normal" things.

My schedule changes this Friday, for the new marking period at school. The classes I'm getting are some of the most challenging groups in the building, and I lose one of the precious free periods of my day, as well. I am directing a show, about to stage manage a show, and my son is a lead in a third show. I teach classes at night in addition to my day job, and I co-lead an after-school club. I do the traditional "mom" stuff at home and act as major domo/cruise director for our family's extracurricular activities, schedule and socializing.

None of this is meant to sound boastful. I like busy. I thrive on it, really.

It's just meant to be an explanation and even apology of sorts to my friends, family, self ... if (when!) I neglect to count my blessings and choose instead to dwell on stressors and negativity, please forgive me.

A friend of mine is currently going through one of the toughest times anyone should never have to face. Family members (myself included) are grieving and working through the unpleasant family politics of bereavement and inheritance. Other friends struggle with health issues and un/underemployment.

My immediate family is well and safe and generally happy. I must remember to feel grateful for all I have and all I am rather than focusing on what I don't have/wish were different/regret I've done.