Cutting the Cord, Part VI: Fail!

Well, we now have a lot of electronics to box up and ship back to their various vendors.


We got my new PC up and running and swapped my old PC over to its new PVR duties (the last week or so of my free time has all involved formatting archived media files' metadata and properties files). We bought a MCE-remote and IR-receiver combo (this one from Amazon for $15.95 ... we're pitching the remote just to use the USB IR-receiver) and got our Logitech Harmony remote talking to our TV, Xbox 360, and DVR-PC. We looove this remote.

Today we put the antenna up in a temporary configuration up on the roof and even went out and bought a compass to aim it properly. We set up the tuner software on the PC and set SageTV to scanning for stations. And ... FAIL! We can't get FOX-29 to tune in better than 40%, which results in Sage not displaying it at all. Fox and CBS are the stations we most wanted to receive over the air. In any grading scale 50% success is still a failing grade.

Joe's on the phone right now with Comcast attempting to re-negotiate our rates. We're also pricing out DirecTV.


I feel like I've wasted SOOOO much time on this project. "At least now we know," Joe says, pragmatic as always.

So, I've cancelled our Hulu-Plus subscription. Playon's cancellation is in progress. We're going to box up and return the following components: Antenna to Best Buy, USB tuner stick to New Egg, Pre-Amplifier to Amazon, 100-feet of ethernet cable to Home Depot.

Right now we're thinking we'll keep the remote because it consolidates several other remotes, the IR-receiver (so the remote can still talk to the PC), and possibly the HD HomeRun tuner (we can save $ by using our DVR instead of Comcast's).

If Comcast is a pain about lowering our rates, we may switch to DirecTV, which would include a DVR for free. If we go that route, I don't know if we'll keep the tuner or not. We may just use the PC for storing archived media and not for DVR-ing (or is PVR-ing the preferred abbreviation now?).


So irritated.



First Day of School!!!!

The kiddos are heading into 7th and 5th grades this year. Whoa. Matthew's last year in elementary school.

Some past First Days, in no particular order:





*sniffle, sniffle*