Sometimes Parenting is Awesome

...and sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's pretty dang crummy.

The first half of this evening was pretty awesome. Explaining Sorkin's quick banter on The West Wing -- pretty awesome.

Then the teacher called. And explained that one of my children did a Very Bad Thing today (no one got hurt and no laws were broken). And then my other child informed me of an overdue assignment's deadline extension ending tomorrow.

And that pretty much left awesome at the station as I boarded the train for Crummy Town.



Electronic Overlords

I am alone in the house right now ... which means I'm especially vulnerable to attack from our numerous electronic devices.

I'm currently typing this on my desktop PC, multitasking Firefox with a relatively (for me) paltry four tabs open, while syncing my phone on iTunes.

My phone is plugged in and charging, syncing, while I also text my husband, trying to determine the whereabouts of our DVI-VGA adapter -- the only thing preventing me from having our second desktop PC reestablished on the desk behind me.

I've just finished installing a system update on my Android-based Nexus 7 tablet, and am now searching the root directories for a stored wifi password.

Finally, my laptop is up and running nearby because I need to email some files I've only stored on there.

It's ridiculous. And awesome. But, if they manage to conspire against me, I'm just surrendering peacefully. The Cylon invasion/Skynet takeover can just take root right here and I'm making no attempt to stop it.



Free Time

This weekend, I have no plans. There is absolutely nothing on the calendar that obligates me to be anywhere anywhen.

This is a rare and blessed thing.

The trick, of course, is to balance relaxation and doing nothing much with some sort of activity that, come Monday, I can look back upon and smile, knowing I had a good weekend. Without, of course, scheduling so many FUN things that the relaxation aspect is lost.

Any ideas?