Electronic Overlords

I am alone in the house right now ... which means I'm especially vulnerable to attack from our numerous electronic devices.

I'm currently typing this on my desktop PC, multitasking Firefox with a relatively (for me) paltry four tabs open, while syncing my phone on iTunes.

My phone is plugged in and charging, syncing, while I also text my husband, trying to determine the whereabouts of our DVI-VGA adapter -- the only thing preventing me from having our second desktop PC reestablished on the desk behind me.

I've just finished installing a system update on my Android-based Nexus 7 tablet, and am now searching the root directories for a stored wifi password.

Finally, my laptop is up and running nearby because I need to email some files I've only stored on there.

It's ridiculous. And awesome. But, if they manage to conspire against me, I'm just surrendering peacefully. The Cylon invasion/Skynet takeover can just take root right here and I'm making no attempt to stop it.


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