Back! Baby Steps...

Let's try to develop a new blogging habit. Let's just take it one day at a time.

I'm currently lying in my darkened bedroom, listening to Morning Edition on WHYY out of Philadelphia. On the other side of the wall, my Matthew is taking a much-too-long shower. The sound of the running water is simultaneously soothing in a white-noise sort of way, and distressing in a wasted-resources sort of way. Whatever our kids inherited from me, they've gotten their showering habits from Joe. Long, hot, steamy, long...

This is a brief shred of time I take every morning to Internet. On my phone, I check email, overnight Facebook updates, Pinterest, Instagram, headlines. Just me and the world in the dark before I get up and face the rest of the day. Soon, I'll rise, dress, throw a frozen lunch and blue chill-pack into my lunch bag, mix and drink a SlimFast shake, herd the kids through breakfast and school prep, and get out the door around 7:30.

Fortunately, the kids are old enough/independent enough to allow me this brief cocoon phase to start my day. I can hear them downstairs now, working on their own breakfasts.

Well, NPR informs me me time is up (Marketplace is wrapping up). Until next time.