Just Crafty Stuff

Have nearly finished making an awesome Victorian-esque jacket for my Halloween costume (using the view in the upper right corner, View A). I'll be gracing the Wheaton Arts Halloween Trick-or-Treat-a-ganza as Mary Shelley. Joe will be my Frankenstein's monster. We'll be spreading lessons of friendship along with our sugary treats.

Knitting this afghan. Twelve squares (out of forty-eight) done. Using a neutral fisherman cream color.

Finished: a hat for my nephew. Knitting a matching sweater, like this, but in grey, red and green.

Also in the works is a felted wool quilt/blanket. Repurposing and home-felting wool sweaters from Goodwill. Yeah!


ps. Pics of my actual progress to be posted when the light is good enough to get some nice images.

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