Fleeting Moment

Last night the kids and I were snuggled on the couch. The lights were off except for the Christmas lights scattered about the room. We were watching Cat Cora take on Michael Symon on a special Iron Chef America holiday challenge. (Symon won, fyi) Emily was snugged up to my left under my arm and Matthew was leaning in on my right arm and shoulder. A big foofy comforter draped over our laps.

I leaned over and kissed them both on the tops of their heads and it struck me that this was one of those moments. The ones I'll long for all too soon. Matthew still has big hunks of cuddle-bug in him, but Em's snuggly moments are becoming rarer (except when she's actually cold).

Ever since they were about 4 & 6, they've just been in one fantastic age after another. I'm really enjoying this hunk of their childhood. Enough skills, knowledge and (frankly) potty training to allow us to do quite a lot, while they've yet to achieve the teen (or even tween) disdain, attitude, etc.

I could happily keep them at about this age forever. What's your favorite childhood age?


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