Caroling Along

This past Saturday night, we caroled throughout downtown Millville. Emily, Joe and I traipsed up and down High Street, popping in and out of stores and restaurants with members of the Off Broad Street Players. A capella caroling in four parts...no mean trick. We were even costumed in more-or-less Victorian garb. (Em wasn't going for my nudges to periodically announce "God Bless Us, Everyone!" which is probably will result in fewer listen-to-how-my-mom-exploited-my-cuteness-for-public-entertainment therapy hours later in life.)

It was seasonal, frigidly cold and oh-so fun! Emily even made the local newspaper. Article here. And photo gallery here (Joe is rather prominent in picture #20, and I'm over toward the left.).

Later, we gathered in front of the hopefully-soon-to-be-restored Levoy Theatre for a big fundraising raffle drawing. Various local dignitaries were present to draw names and make announcements. The mayor scooped up Emily at one point and she drew a ticket out (as much as I wanted to win one of the fabulous prizes, I'd have been mortified if she'd drawn my name out of the barrel).
Afterward, we went to a home for Christmas goodies and general hanging out (after we picked up Matthew). It was altogether festive and a great time.

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