Links Galore

This is how to keep an idiot busy (for at least a couple of minutes).

And, if you ever thought anything vaguely NC-17 was behind the scenes of the Fellowship of the Ring, this would be your "proof."

I doubt anyone would ever permanently get tired of this. I think I could poke at it all night. But, then I'm simple.

OK, some of these are in pretty poor taste, but that doesn't mean they're not also funny. You know, in that way you don't really want to admit to.

And this "infomercial???" is creepy and disturbing (maybe saying that is redundant). I mean, don't you think that things that shrivel away in anthropomorphic terror are really saying, "Tickle Me?" And the kids singing in the background? Don't they also do that in horror-movie soundtracks?

Finally, I really kind of like these ideas for alternative applications of Christmas lights. Not everyone has room for a Christmas tree. I would totally have done these in my dorm, had I thought of it.


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