Gospel According to Matthew


He: We had water in Sunday School today. It was real water and we drank some, but I got some on my sleeve.

Me: Hmmm...water, eh?

He: Yeah, 'cause there was this lady and she used to be not-so-nice, but now she's nice. And she was getting water and Jesus said, "You can have some of my water." And He gave her a drink and she was never thirsty ever again. And she went and told everybody.

Me: Wow...Jesus had some pretty good water, huh?

He: Yeah, and it wasn't even real water. It was love. And she got some real water and she got the pretend Jesus-water, too. But we had real water in Sunday School.



Kristin said...

I couldn't stop laughing at this, particularly since we had the same passage/sermon today.

Heidi said...

Joe didn't overhear any of this, and when I asked him to read the blog post, he literally got tears in his eye laughing at his favorite part -- "the pretend Jesus-water."

Glad you liked it. :)