Nothing Glamorous

It wasn't a wildly exciting weekend, but very satisfying.

Friday after school, Emily and I took Matthew to tap as usual. After dance class, we met Joe at the local Pizza Hut for dinner, dropped the extra car at the college and zipped up to Philly. It was Scout Night at the Philadelphia Wings. If you've never experienced indoor lacrosse ... well, I'm not sure I can do it justice. Professional indoor lacrosse makes AHL hockey look mild. I'd never seen lacrose before, nor learned the rules. And, after having seen a game ... I'm not sure there actually are any rules. Bludgeoning with sticks is par for the course, as is ramming an opponent up against the wall with your stick.

And the fans aren't any better. When the announcer called out the Wings players at the beginning of the game, the crowd was appropriately amped up and cheering. But, after each of the New York Titans players were names, the announcer paused for the fans to scream out "SUCKS!" As in ... "John Brown" -- "SUCKS!" "Tom Johnson" -- "SUCKS!" etc. Same thing when the officials were announced.

Wings goals were called out with enthusiasm, "Wings GOOOAALL!" But, Titans goals were a mumbled, barely audible, "bad guy goal."

Anyway, the Wings won, and generally speaking a good time was had by all.

Saturday morning, I went out and hit High Street begging* for gift certificates, merchandise, etc to auction off at our upcoming Blister Sisters** fund-raising events. People were pretty generous and receptive. We have a few follow-ups to make this week.

After that I buzzed back home to pick up Emily and my friends the Fantinis for the Girl Scout International Day of Thinking event. 12 troops from the surrounding community had display booths on various countries***. Snacks, crafts, girls in costume, facts. It was a well-put-together and well-attended event. I had fun and I know the girls had an absolute blast.

That night the Fantinis joined us for meatball subs and pinochle. After pinochle we played Monopoly. (Joe wants me to blog about my Monopoly trading "strategy." He mocks me openly.) Fun, but late, night.

Sunday morning we got up nice and early and went to the later church service, which made for a pleasantly leisurely morning. Yeah!

After church we met friends (the art teacher here at work and her family...her kids are in 5th and 3rd grades and are two of my students) for a Subway lunch and bowling. Matthew started out with two strikes in a row and clobbered all of us except Paul (the friend's husband).

They came back to the house afterward, which was great. They ran around in the yard and wore out the dog, who was a big hit with all the kids.

Last night we had a "Dugan Restaurant" dinner (read: everyone gets to "order" his/her own choise from the vast selection of leftovers in the fridge), followed by the first half of North by Northwest. We paused it here and there to reiterate the mistaken identity stuff for the kids, but really they kept up with it and got into it quite a lot. What an excellent movie.

And, now ... back to work for our regular week. The usual bustle and busy-ness supplemented by two dentist appointments and a trip to the orthodontist. Fun!


*Joe made several jokes about solicitation and pandering before I went out. *rolls eyes*
**The name of our Breast Cancer 3-Day team.
***Japan, Russia, India, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Madagascar, France, Egypt, the UK, West Africa, Italy

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