Life Soundtrack?

Interesting meme idea...maybe I'm slow for not having seen this one before. :)

Set your mp3 player on shuffle and type the title of the song for each category. Push for the next song for the next category, etc.

Opening Credits: Prologue, Little Shop of Horrors
Waking Up: Sandy, Grease
Theme song: Love Hurts, Nazareth
Falling in Love: What I Did for Love, John Barrowman
Fight scene: Anthem, Chess
Breaking up: Hot Blooded, Foreigner
Getting back together: Overture, Oklahoma
Secret Love: Name of the Game, Mamma Mia!
Life's okay: Shades of Grey, Billy Joel
Mental breakdown: It's Possible, Seussical
Driving: I'll Wait, Van Halen
Flashback: Good Morning, Starshine, Hair
Partying: Be Like the Bluebird, Anything Goes
Happy dance: Runyonland, Guys & Dolls
Regretting: Another Pyramid, Aida
Long night alone: Overture, West Side Story
Death scene: I Happen to Like New York, John Barrowman
Ending credits: If I Were a Rich Man, Fiddler on the Roof


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