Sorry, everyone, I am utterly shocked and blown away and cannot resist posting this out there for the world to see.

Phrases my professor used with regard to my work this semester: This is awesome! .... I especially appreciated your overarching argument ....Your writing is particularly noteworthy for how every paragraph advances the central point in a new way .... Similarly, your reading is apt .... stunning and new ... brilliant .... glorious details .... I was really intrigued .... juicy, amazing tidbits .... solid and welcome participation .... pleasure working with you.

In all fairness, please note that this was tempered with: the latter portions lost some inertia--probably the result of time limits or fatigue .... I would have suggested a reorganization of the paper .... the paper needed a firmer thesis .... without adding up to a central argument to take away .... the conclusion was sort of unstable .... The paper made me think a lot, but I'd rather the paper think for me.

Still -- thrilled! A for the course.