Back on the Wagon

This is me ... only, you know, female.
Or is it "off the wagon?" Which one means that you screwed up, but you're fixing it? "Fell off the wagon" means you started drinking (smoking/gambling/name your vice) again, right?

In any case, I started running again today. I stopped when I traveled to my parents' house for a week about a month ago (speedy packing=lack of sports bra ... dang, but I hate jiggling). And then when I got back there was the rush to get Emily ready for her trip to the UK (I know!). And now, well, it's like an inferno outside even at 7 a.m. (see previous post). Although, I am on week 4 of the 100 pushup plan (plus, I'm also doing the 200 crunches (not sit-ups ... I can't even do ONE sit-up. Pathetic!), and 200 squats) Joe has kept up with it and it starting to have some really obvious results. He's noticeably trimmer.

Not me. I'm not noticeably anything better. Well, there is a bit more definition in my upper arms, which is always a nice thing.

So, back to the drawing board. I downloaded some apps (because, honestly, what's not better with the addition of touch-screen technology?), namely: iTrackBites, TargetWeight, and iTreadmill, as well as Robert Ullrey's Couch to 5K podcasts. OK, to be fair, I'd previously downloaded some of these, but had failed to set them up and actually customize them to be usable for me.

'Cause it's all about me.

I aim to finish the Couch to 5K program this time (I got up to a verrrry slow week 4 last time). This time I'm using my treadmill and setting a faster pace (3.5 mph for walking, 6mph for the jogging). Yeah, I was even slower than that the last time around.

So, here goes ... thirty pounds to lose, working toward a 5K run (not that I've registered for one ... yet). And, it's official, since, I've blogged it, right?



Rebecca said...

You can do it. :) Just hang in there, and eventually it will become a habit. (Easy for me to say, since I am giving myself a pass on all exercise until Mimi weans.)

Rebecca said...

You can do it!