Smartphone Angst

My cell phone (which I like) has been eligible for an upgrade since early December. I don't really need an upgrade, mind you. My phone (a basic slider model in a nice shade of red) works fine. It does everything I basically need it to do.

But, a smartphone would be super-fun. I love my iTouch and the apps and the convenience and the touch screen and the lovely interface. There are so many things I would love to be able to do app-wise via 4G, rather than wifi.

But I don't want a mandatory data plan. I don't want to pay for piles of data I don't need, and likely won't use. Price checking now and then at the ShopRite or the mall or occasionally checking in or updating my status just doesn't require 2GB of data at $30 additional per month.

I just can't justify it. Even with my new job and feeling pretty flush, I just can't justify it.

So, I'll keep using my red "dumphone" until it dies, I guess.

Dang you, Verizon.


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