Week in Review

So .... let's see. Busy week.

We recovered from our housewarming party and basically did no chores, laundry or home improvement projects all week. Yeah, now we really need to pick up our slack.

We hosted friends for a yummy fried dinner -- wings and doughnuts.

I spent almost every night at the theatre preparing for the Kids Club end-of-the-year "Really Big Show" on June 14, and Spamalot, which opens in July. I also met with the Play-Reading Committee for our 2015 season, and chaired the Public Relations Committee meeting.

I joined my trivia team at Applebee's for our collective ass-whoopin' (this time we got whooped, which is unusual ... way too many sports-related questions this time around).

Joe made an amazing Chicago-style deep dish pizaa and an equally impressive lasagna.

We failed to remember Emily's orthodontist appointment on Friday.

We swam in our increasingly-warm-and-lovely pool. The dog is not amused by our attempts to get her into the water.

Emily marched in a parade on the Wildwood Boardwalk, ate lunch on the beach and then rode rides until she dropped. (Her Sunday was spent vegging on the couch binge-watching ST:TNG. She also read four chapters of A Farewell to Arms.

Matthew vegged out on Saturday and on Sunday accompanied Joe and I to the NJ Ren Faire. We frolicked and garbed and ate and were entertained most pleasantly. It was a joy to hang out with friends there all weekend (Joe and I went sans-kiddos on Saturday, as well). We worked the Mystic Realms tent, but had plenty of time to gambol about, enjoying the faire.

Upcoming this week: more rehearsals, the kids' end-of-the-year piano recital, the aforementioned "Really Big Show," several more delicious dinners by Joe, hopefully some more pool time, another Play Reading Committee meeting, and at some point I have to review my script for the upcoming local Fantasy Faire. I also need to do some sewing/crafting of costumey bits prior to the Faire. We also have our first CSA pickup of the season. (Wooo!)

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