Clean and Simple

So every week Joe and I are going to spend several hours simplifying and cleaning up our lives. We're going to pitch, donate and store most of our clutter. The plan is to mentally begin to prepare our house for sale/moving (within the next 12-18 months). We don't want to show the house in this state, nor do we want to move it all.

We start on Friday afternoon. I don't know why I'm really thinking about it right now, actually.

Today went better at work. I think I'll be in a nice easy routine in just a couple more days.



B.Ruhsam said...


(Popped over here from SchiererSpace)

I so understand your desire to reduce clutter and crap! I've been fighting that battle since we moved in two years ago. I swore tomyself that when we moved out we would have less crap (not necessarily stuff but Crap) than when we moved in. So far, so good. The real test will be when we decide to sell and need to make some decisions.

Good luck with your quest!

Heidi said...

Yeah, if only I were as good about blogging as I have been about streamlining. :)

We've managed to reduce a lot of crap in the last few months, though. I've even gotten the kids on the bandwagon. Before Christmas they were all gung-ho to make more room for Santa to bring stuff.