Laundering ... on a Jet Plane

So our washer recently died a rather thorough death. We bravely disassembled it hoping something would have a Post-It flag stuck to it, "Fix this part, it's only $12.95." But alas ... dismantling the broken washing machine only led to it appearing even more, well ... broken. After a phone call to Dad and a couple more to the Kenmore Repair folks, we decided investing significant amounts of money in a new washer made more sense than investing slightly less significant amounts of money on the old one.

So ... now we own our first Front Loading Washer. What a difference. I've already run 4 loads in the thing, and it's quieter, using less detergent and fascinating the children for entire minutes on end. "Look, there's Bun-Bun!" Then ... the thing kicks into high gear. The clothes are quickly plastered to the sides of the drum like we were in the old Gravitron ride at Conneaut Lake Park. "Wow," Joe commented, "OK, now I'm impressed."

But, that's not all! Starting to whine like an F-16 warming up, the washer really kicks it up a notch. VOOMP! All the clothes are reduced to a grey smooshed blur all around the sides of the drum. What appeared to be a generously full load of clothes mere moments before is now flattened so that it nearly seems to be spinning entirely empty. The water just streams across the glass (way more of it than I'd though would still be in the clothes after spinning for 5 minutes at a more moderate pace). Soon it winds down and the almost-dry-feeling clothes are ready for the (greatly diminished) time in the dryer.

Go, Frigidaire! Who knew you made such nifty non-refrigerating appliances?



Kristin said...

Front loading washers are great! I absolutely love mine. Makes doing laundry so much easier. I have yet to watch it run a full cycle yet...I can find better things to do with an hour of my time. Was most impressed with how dry the clothes were compared to my old washer; no more running the spin cycle 3 times before putting the clothes into the dryer!

Heidi said...

Totally agree! Now if I can just get used to using practically no detergent, and to nearly sitting on the floor to load the thing. I'm already thinking I'll have to get Joe to build me a platform for it.