Tweet, Tweet

So my contribution to the Great Backyard Bird Count is 1 hairy woodpecker, 8 juncos, 2 house sparrows, 6 tufted titmice, 3 chickadees, 2 cardinals (both female), 1 nuthatch, 1 downy woodpecker, and 1 wren.

We're leaving in about an hour, so I only spent about half an hour sitting and watching and counting. So I don't think that's too shabby for a couple of feeders of sunflower seeds.

Hey ... does anyone have a trick for keeping thistle seed fresh in a goldfinch feeder? Mine always gets damp and moldy at the bottom and then the finches stop coming.



Chris said...

Every time you fill one of your feeders do the following:
Flip the thistle tube feeder upside down and shake it until all the seed is loose. This will mix some air in and keep it from getting wet and weird. Of course, eventually you should dump it if the finches aren't emptying it.

Heidi said...

Good thought, thanks ... I'll have to scrape the icky stuff out of there and refill it at this point. But, good for theb future. :)