Broken Record

I hate to keep coming back to the same puppy topic, but frankly she's by far the main focus of my life right now. I'm honestly finding this more mentally exhausting than having a newborn baby. An infant, after all, sleeps several times a day and wears diapers. A puppy ... well, she dozes lightly a couple of times a day (until I move and then she's completely tuned into each and every move I make, barking at me if I leave the room for too long without her), and ... certainly there are no diapers involved.

Even if I sit near her to read a book or work on the computer, I have to look up every paragraph or so to remain aware of what she's chewing on, sniffing, etc. Does she need to go out, or is she merely bored?

I'm glad to have her. She's really a pretty delightful puppy. But, I'm exhausted. Up until 11pm, again briefly at 2am, and awake for the day at 5:30am just isn't enough sleep. And each time she's returned to her crate/bed, she spends at least 15 minutes barking to be let back out before she settles down.


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