Loved It!

OK, I know I'm a total geeknerd for saying this, but I'm SO glad Doctor Who is back. Of course, it's not actually back here in the U.S., but the first episode of the new season was broadcast on the BBC yesterday. Joe and I just watched it tonight.

After a season of Doctor Nine and then he left, I was a bit shaken up wondering if I'd like Doctor Ten. No worries there. Love him. He's adorable, quirky, bouncy, enthusiastic, flirty, verbose. Yay! So then he and Rose Tyler hit it off, got along famously, and maybe even fell in love (naturally the time transference communicating between universes thingy he had going fizzled just before he actually said it, but still ...). So, then Rose left. Big hole there.

But, I have to say I really rather like Martha Jones. She's smart, for one. She's not going to just limply go along with whatever the Doctor says, not going to just provide (as Eddie Izzard describes NSFW, language) a chance for the Doctor to rescue someone who'd been captured. She seems as though she'll be more of a partner in things. She didn't freak out, but showed appropriate doubt and skepticism. Then when presented with aliens, etc., rather went along with it.

Sketchy science in bits (I mean, normal gravity on the moon?), but then what scifi is truly sctrict about its science? At least they did have the air run out.

I'm aware no one knows what I'm talking about. The show's good. The whole new Doctor Who is good. Really good. Witty, thought-provoking, pretty to watch. Catch it on SciFi soemtime.

In a related but separate note -- the spin-off Torchwood is also wonderful.


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