The Duuuuugaaaaannssss......

[cue music]

Da-dum-dum-da-daaa Dum-dum-dum-da-da-da-DA .....

OK, Chris did it first. I thought I'd seen some reference to this on TV, but as we don't watch commercials anymore, I hadn't really caught the jist of the promotion. Anyway, Simpsonize Me! is pretty nifty. It took some tweaking of each character. Dark objects in the background were frequently misinterpreted as very long hair. Joe's initial Simpsonization was by far the closest of the four of us. I let the kids pick their own outfits.

And ... although my cat is scrawny enough to work as a re-colored Snowball, it didn't seem fair to put Dottie in and leave Sasha out. Because, frankly, my hairball-spitz of a dog could hardly look less like Santa's Little Helper.


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