Picnic Planning

We're having some friends over tomorrow for some grilling joy. We're going to eat, hang out, maybe play some bocce. The kids will spend half the afternoon in the pool, I'm sure. And Sasha will just be beside herself. As for me, I'll be cooking and then trying hard not to eat too much of the more fattening selections.

On the menu:

The weather's supposed to be fine, so we should have a great day. I'm not even sure if we're going to leave to try to catch any fireworks anywhere. It depends on how long folks want to hang out in my backyard.


Well ... woke up to a steady rain. It stopped around 9am, so things were mostly dry enough to at least occasionally be outside during the party. The food turned out fantastic, and I stayed on my diet (I plan to try the brats and ribs tomorrow after my morning weigh-in). Jen brought a delicious ricotta-creamy-vanilla-y mixture topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries. YUM! Altogether ... a great day! Not planning to go to any fireworks tonight.

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