Change of Scene

I'm basically just tired of looking at that old post and thinking, "I should write something one of these days." So, now it won't have the top spot anymore.

  • Might have an actual buyer for at least the loveseat part of the set.
  • Facebook pwns me
  • Going to teach myself to crochet so I can make this blanket
  • Auditioning in a couple of weeks for a local theatre production of the Wizard of Oz (working on an audition song from Avenue Q)
  • Going to DC this weekend on a bunch of coach buses with the Millville Gifted & Talented kids
  • We now own two gerbils



Joe said...

OOooh that's such an awesome blanket! I might have to queue it myself, hihi I also got the Vogue Knitting Crocheted Baby Blankets book cheap lately, and I'd like to get some of those done :) (it's in my Ravelry Lib if you want to take a look at it)

I'm sure there's tons of Google ressources for knitting, but if you're looking for a book, I have the Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting which I find very good! In fact, all their books are good, hehe I also have TY Knitting & TY Knitting Designs :) I also have the Knitting Answer book, which is quite good, and I know they have one for crochet too

Oh, and yes, Facebook rocks (especially for keeping in touch with friends and family!) :)

Chris said...

Woah. Two gerbils. You know what that means.

In case you've forgotten, have your hubbie lend you his lecture on "geometric growth".

Heidi said...

Two females, silly! (and yeah, you can tell)

And ...Joe, thanks for the tips. I'll let you know how it goes perusing websites and see if i need to get a book. :)

Amanda said...

There's always coming to Millville Stitchers


we have several very adept crocheters who are always interested in converting knitters!