Winding Down

Our busy, busy year is winding down. Thank goodness!

Last Friday was Emily's Chorale concert, so no more Chorale on Tuesday nights. Next Monday is the Blue & Gold Dinner, and then no more Cub Scouts. Swimming lessons (Wednesdays) and Brownies (every other Thursday) will also be wrapping up by the end of June. I'm not sure when Tap is over for Matthew, but I think it's soon. The recital (which he's not in) is coming up in the next week or so.

I have to say, I'm done. My brain and teaching enthusiasm has completely checked out. I would rather be anywhere else doing just about anything. I'm already sort of mentally working on next year's technology curriculum, what I'm going to keep, what I'm going to change, what was so completely a worthless waste of everyone's time. I'm ready to move forward, but I really am ready for a nice long summer break.

Emily auditioned last night for a local theatre company's production of The Wizard of Oz. She sand "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Miz, and did a fine job. We should hear about callbacks in the next day or so. I'm currently planning to audition, too. But, frankly, I'm terrified and I stink. I'm hoping to be the Tin Man or maybe the witch (how fun would that be?), but I'm sure if I am cast at all, I'll be a chorus member. Which is also fun, as chorus members usually have costume changes, and wearing the heavy silver or green facepaint all night would have to become a nightmare eventually.

In other news, we're having slow house drainage/septic issues which we hope won't cost thousands of dollars to fix. Also, torrential rains and sustained 50 mph winds have left my yard a complete mess of downed leaves and (alarmingly large) branches).

Finally, my Mother's Day was lovely. We didn't do anything amazingly special (Joe's mom, her finace, Pete, and our niece, Miranda, joined us for the yummy Mother's Day brunch at church and later we went out for ice cream), but Joe spent a lot of time actually talking about what I mean to him and that's a rare thing. It was awfully nice. (Oh, the kids also gave me the requisite school projects about how great I am, along with the absolutely essential potted marigold.)



Jozet at Halushki said...

Ah, you'll do great at auditions!

And yes, I agree, I'm ready for the summer. Unfortunately, our ice skating schedule is just as hot during the summer months, but it's a good place to cool off. Better than in December.

Heidi said...


Just found out Em's being called back for a munchkin role. Talk about type-casting. ;)