Summer Plans

Been thinking about our upcoming summer. I'm kind of excited about the great stuff we have planned.

June 15 is the kids' last day of school. On the 16th they have a piano recital. Afterward, we drive them up to Joe's mom's for a few days. My last day of school is the 19th. That morning, the 19th, Joe has his qualifiers ... a big, life-altering exam that determines whether or not he gets to continue at Drexel for his Ph.D. After the exam, We're joining the kids at Mom Dugan's. Then we'll be heading up on the 20th to hand the kids off to my folks for a week of Gramma Camp. Joe and I are supposed to have some sort of plans that weekend, but nothing's really firm, yet. Whitewater rafting in the Poconos? A Broadway show? I'm not sure.

The kids will be away about a week. When they get back, they'll both go right into theatre camp. It's a four day a week day camp involving singing, dancing, stagecraft ... all sorts of performing. That lasts the whole month of July and culminates in a big performance. Joe will be teaching at Cumberland three or four days a week for the whole month, too. As for me? I'll be away June 30-July 7 in San Diego (which I've never really visited ... very excited) at the NEA-RA. The national representative body of the teacher's union I belong to. It's a very exciting, "be a part of something bigger than you are" sort of deal.

Once I return, I'm planning to paint the entire interior of the house. That's my project while the kids are at camp. It really needs it, and I'm looking forward to it a lot. That, and a lot of walking, and hopefully some writing. I want to do something with my writing/journalism/good-with-the-words part of my brain. I'm going to be revamping and reworking my technology curriculum for school, as well.

The beginning of August is wide open (though my high school reunion is the last weekend of July into the start of august ... I don't know if I'm attending it, yet, or not). I may help out with the summer production of Thoroughly Modern Millie, but I haven't decided yet. A break from theatre may be a good thing for a variety of reasons.

Then, our big trip. We're going canoeing/backpacking in the backwoods of Algonquin Provincial Park. We'll be gone ten days with my mom and dad. I'm really looking forward to the trip and making memories with the family. Spending some time away from technology and life here at home and stuff. (how will I survive? hee-hee)

After that, we'll whoosh right back into school and all that involves. I think Joe is planning to keep going to Drexel a few days a week while returning full-time to Cumberland. His sabbatical will be over, but he'll still need a good solid year at Drexel working with his advisor before starting to write his dissertation.

We'll surely also have visits to the Cape May Zoo, the Ocean City Boardwalk, picnics, hanging out at the beach and with family and friends.

Anyway ... that's the plan for now. We'll see ...


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