Things I Did Today Instead of Working on My Paper

I don't really write things out by hand like this,
but I'd bet that shopping for some really nice paper
and a really good pen would be a great method for
further procrastination.
I have a 15-20 page paper due at the end of November. I have sources and an annotated bibliography and everything, but I just cannot seem to get settled in long enough to make any real progress on it.

So instead, today I

  • took a 2-mile walk
  • browsed laptops online with my dad (He was on the phone, not here physically. He lives 8 hours away.)
  • went to the doctor for my annual physical and flu shot
  • ate lunch

    ... slowly
  • watched two sit-coms (Parks & Rec and The Office, for those keeping score at home, and an episode of The Good Wife (multitasking while I ate lunch for part of this)
  • sorted my grading into piles and then stacked the piles neatly into one big pile (multitasking while watching TV)
  • took my son's baritone horn to him at school
  • went through the mail
  • recycled a bunch of paper lying around
  • reorganized my desk surface
  • browsed a bunch of Internet
  • Facebooked
  • listened to The Bugle podcast
  • nearly finished my Christmas shopping


I did get 3.5 pages of writing done. So ... I only have to do this 4 more times to have maybe the bare minimum of 15 usable pages worth of material. That should work, right?

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