On My Desk

Things within arm's reach on my desk right now:

A felt-lined needlebook with a Tudor-esque rose cross-stitched on the cover
Two baggies of expired coupons I need to mail to overseas troops
This tiny white duckie
Two voided checks I just deposited (thank you, USAA, mobile app)
Cell phone
Cordless phone
The Broadview Anthology of Romantic Drama
Three pages of notes on Christmas traditions in Greece
Weight Watchers cardboard slider calculator thingy
Notes for my eventual Master's thesis
A random, unlabeled mini digital video cartridge
A bright orange chunky highlighter
Tickets to The Nerdist podcast live in Philly next March
A can of Spam, dating back to 1993
A second mini duckie (when did that one get there?)
My second-prize medal for the Amazing Cozumel Race
A ceramic pumpkin (we're awesome at seasonal decorating, but haphazard about un-decorating)
Flat Stanley
Two Mickey antenna balls
Several hundred business cards for a Congressional lobbying job I had two years ago

Just a little look into my clutter ... and psyche?


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