Year End

So here at year's end, we're supposed to reflect and resolve.

What have I done? How should I do it differently? Where have I come from? Where am I going?

My only solid resolution going into 2012 is to fit back into my 1996 post-Weight Watchers clothes again. Should be a solid 30-pound weight loss. Urg. My upcoming college reunion should serve as additional impetus.

I also intend to kick it up a notch or three at my new job. Starting as I did on December 1, it seemed prudent to kind of go with the previous teacher's flow at least through Christmas break. I think by the end of this current marking period I need to have a better more "me" plan for the lessons going forward.

And, I have a thesis to write. Oddly, I think that will be the most straight-forward of the three. Once school lets out in June, I'm going to schedule two or three mornings per week to just research and write. It actually shouldn't take me too long to finish my first draft. What's 40-60 pages between friends?

2011 ended in a pretty good place, and I'm excited about continued upward movement in 2012. I hope you and yours are blessed as well.


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