For the record, if you're anticipating surgery or you suspect you have any kind of illness ... there are a wealth of resources available on the Internet.

WebMD, in particular, has TONS of great information.

However ... never read the risks/complications section. Never. Ever.


For those who don't know, here's a quickie update. I'm due to have sinus surgery on February 10. This will mark only third third time I've had to undergo general anesthesia in my life*, so I'm apprehensive. I'm assured by my doctor, other folks who've undergone the procedure, and (yes) the Internet that my life will be transformed for the better after the operation.

Never ever read the risks/complications section, remember?

Only I did just that. Seems this "procedure" puts me at risk for losing my sense of smell/taste, blindness, brain damage, death -- just to name a few.

I'm scared. I don't like the way that feels.

My OCD/control freaky tendencies are also nervous about being out of commission during my three-week recovery period.

I guess this is my "talk me off the ledge" request for hugs and support.

*Tonsillectomy in '79 and breast lumpectomy in '03.



Adrienne said...

You got this.

The odds are so greatly against anything awful happening that they are really not worth getting to freaked out about. Which isn't much help, I know. So, maybe, instead focus on the bits you *can* control. You can fill your freezer with casseroles. You can stock up on trashy novels and easy knitting. You can focus on the enormous reward outweighing the itty bitty risk.

Adrienne said...

And as I think more about it - think about what the cautions would be for things we do every day, like driving.