Bad Mommy

Just had an emotional roller coaster blowup with Emily. She is old enough to know exactly what to say that hurts the most. And finally this time I called her on it. She looked horrified that her words were actually hurting me (in a deep down, doubting my worth as a mom kind of way; not just in a make Mommy mad so she leaves the room kind of way). We hugged and made up and managed to get the rest of the way through the piano practice session. But ... *whew*! I'm exhausted.

And I still have to manage to feed the family, burn a DVD for a friend, wrap a baby shower gift, get the kids to clean up a bit and be ready to leave for Brownies with Emily in full uniform in 32 minutes.

Ain't gonna happen. So now I have to figure out what's gonna give.


ps. Pulled it all off and made it to troop on time. Thank goodness for pasta & sauce.

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