Taking a Big Step

We've decided to finally take the leap. Looks like we're going to add a puppy to our family.

This is a keeshond. They're in the spitz family. The national dog of the Netherlands, actually. Which is why it's pronounced not "keesh-ahnd," but "kays-hawnd" or even "kayz-hawnd." We've done a lot of online research in finding a suitable breed. And then more research trying to find a puppy. We finally are very comfortable with a breeder in upstate New York (a few miles from Cooperstown) who will have a puppy ready for us the weekend after Easter, which is our ideal timetable.

They have wonderful, child-friendly temperaments, don't require enormous amounts of space or exercise, and are just the right size. Yes, there is all that hair to deal with.

Anyway, tomorrow we're going to visit a local breeder (who won't have any puppies until next fall or winter) to meet a keeshond in person, actually several keeshonden. Then we'll make our final (expected to be "YES!") decision.

Cute puppies, too, eh? This is one of our pup's male littermates. We're getting a female. I have a couple of pics in an e-mail somewhere, but they're not as well posed as this one.

So by this time tomorrow, it looks like I'll be PayPal-ing our breeder and finalizing our PetSmart shopping list! VERY excited, and can't wait to tell the kids (not until we've met the dogs tomorrow).



Kristin said...

Are you coming up to Cooperstown the weekend after Easter? Might as well come to Caz and the shower if you can fit it in.

Heidi said...

I didn't realize that was your other shower. Back-to-back, eh?

We were really just planning to leave really early Saturday (or possibly stay in the Poconos Friday night), get the puppy and drive back home the same day. With Joe's mom staying with the kids to reduce complications.

I think we'd better just make it a puppy run. I'd love to see you since we'll be close. But, we need to get back as early as possible in the weekend to have some puppy bonding time before work on Monday.