Fantastic Weekend!

This weekend we celebrated Emily's birthday in style. She wanted a space theme, and we did it up right ... from decorating the house for her birthday party Friday night, to an overnight trip to DC and the Air & Space Museum. Click the links for the photo galleries.



Kristin said...

Very cool that you can get that close to the space shuttle. That section wasn't open yet when we were there. Next time Joe can go with Chris, who also reads every detail on every sign.

Heidi said...

Whenever Chris wants to drive down, he can grab Joe on his way to DC. We're not all that far from there. 3-1/2 hrs straight through to Dulles from Millville.

I like to read some signs, but not all. And reading much of anything just isn't practical with kids this age. They flit around and want to read just big headlines and then dash to the next cool thing they see.

There were actually a few aircraft that didn't have signs that we wanted to know more about.

And yeah, you can get very close. You actually walk right underneath the tail end of it.