Airshow Week

Well, it's Airshow Week in Millville. We live less than 1/2 a mile (as the F/A-18 flies) from the Millville Airport. This Saturday and Sunday will be annual Air Show. Which means that this week is the fly-in week for the various on-the- ground display aircraft. And, it's practice-at-the-local-airfield week for the Blue Angels. For a few hours each day this week, it's like living on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Last year Air Show weekend was cold, clammy and WET. This year the weather's supposed to be gorgeous. We can't wait. Fried food, spending 6 hours in a folding chair, meet-and-greets with the Geico gecko, stunt biplanes, paratroopers, helicopters, F-15s, P-47s, C-130s, skywriting, and the Blue Angels. It's all good!


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