Drives Me Nuts!

Emily's teacher (not for the first time) erroneously marked something wrong on Emily's work, when it was actually correct. In fact, she mismarked the same type of mistake twice on the same homework paper.

Em has to write sentences for all her spelling words every week. She had to use the word "taller" and wrote the sentence "Megan is taller than me." When I went over her homework with her, I explained the whole implied "am" in that sort of sentence. As in, "Megan is taller than I am." So, she erased and corrected it.

Well her teacher (who is brand-new and has mismarked things previously this year) red-penned her "I" and replaced it with "me." She did the same thing with another sentence down the page.

Grrrr..... So, I took out my nice blue pen and corrected the teacher's grammar and am sending the paper back to school for her. No nasty note or anything (I'm reserving my irritation for here).

I know I'm being a defensive Mother Bear here, but it just slays me when primary grade teachers use incorrect grammar, spelling, etc. in front of their students.



Chris said...

I actually looked this one up the other day and the text stated that although "I" is technically correct according to formal grammar (aka Oxford), American spoken English has all but eliminated the preference. (Not that this necessarily makes it correct!)

A long completely unofficial discussion can be had here:

Heidi said...

Yeah, it's one of those "everyone's saying it so let's go with it" things. Still, regardless of the teacher's preferences or willingness to accept the "me," she shouldn't have makred the "I" as incorrect.