I Don't Believe in Curses ...

... or do I?

I think maybe my brother's house is cursed. They've had a recent run of bum luck ... but the problem goes back years. Years!

When we visited for Thanksgiving (back in aught-four), we got stranded in a snowstorm with a flat tire (and no jack! And no cell phone!! At 11 at night!!!). During the same visit, Joe had to visit the emergency room with bronchitis/pneumonia.

  • Chris has suffered a completely collapsed lung, followed by surgery and a chest tube.

  • Kristin has been dealing with the uncomfortable late-stage of pregnancy, complicated by high blood pressure, substantial water retention and multiple trips to various medical facilities ro confirm (or deny) low amniotic fluid levels (she's fine, the levels are good).

  • My mom, staying with them to help the two hapless invalids for a week, had to go to the emergency room yesterday for ... get this ... lacerations of her scalp. Inflicted by the housecat, Oreo, in abject terror of mom and dad's (also visiting) dog. 12 staples to pull her head wounds back together!
Chris, Kristin ... I love you both. I really do. But I think I'll wait until you've somehow exorcised your residential demons before I come visit again.

Just kidding.

Sort of.


edit: Shadow maimed Mom, not Oreo (thanks, Kristin!)


Kristin said...

heh. We're beginning to think that too. btw, it was Shadow that got her, not Oreo.

Chris said...

[pointed sarcasm]Dude! Thanks for throwing down the voodoo heebee jeebee gauntlet on us just before our first born comes into the world. Thanks Aunt Heidi![/pointed sarcasm]

Heidi said...

Well, by my count your good/bad things come in threes has your baby covered. You've had your three, you're done. :P