Like Riding a Bike

When I was a kid, I helped out with my local PBS station's annual fundraising auction. I started out running bids, then working the phones. Eventually I was actually on camera, selling the items (think QVC, only 8 items at a time sold auction style in 5-10 minutes).

I was hooked! Right then and there I changed my plans from majoring in English and going to law school to ... journalism, communications; being on, in, and around TV!

I majored in Communication Arts: Mass Media at Allegheny and even did a year of my Master's in Film & TV at Temple. But that's it. That's as close as I came. And through several jobs and careers later, I'm thrilled and in love with my career path in teaching.

But, Saturday it all came crashing back. I worked on a live charity auction, broadcast on local cable. The theatre company I'm in is helping to raise money and awareness to restore our local old-run-down theatre, the Levoy.

An out-of-town friend in the media biz wanted to see my clips, so I edited the four-hour broadcast into just the bits I was involved in (still an hour and a half). You can go here to download a pretty small wmv file. Fileflyer says there's a limited number of downloads, but I don't know just how limited that is.

The Station GM gave me his card and took down my info. Says he's going to call me do to interviews and voice work. He even emailed me right after the broadcast, too. Nice guy. We'll see.... could be a nice sideline.

So, there you go. The TV bug has re-bitten me. Hopefully it can be assuaged with theatre for awhile. :)



Chris said...

I thought of you when I heard this job opportunity advertised on our local NPR station...

Job Opening: Morning Edition Host/Producer

Adrienne said...

Nice. Funny about how life works. Good luck.