Second Verse, Same as the First!

Actually ... even better than the first. This event had more walkers (3,100 starters vs. 2,300) and consequently raised more money ($8.1 million vs. $6.3 million) than last year's. The weather was way more suitable to walking (highs in the upper 50s/low 60s vs. the mid-80s). And I just knew more of what to expect (aka ... I packed better and paced myself more).

Walked all 60 miles again this year. Had one very minor blister I had to deal with starting on Day Two. The medi-tent folks said it was kind of unpreventable and that I'd obviously done some training and self-treated it as best I could. Day One was upbeat and felt pretty good. Night One was cold and bitter and resulted in an even colder morning. Day Two was slow and plodding and both traffic lights and lots of stepping on and off curbs wore us down, caused some pain and crushed our spirits. Lots and lots of layers resulted in a better Night Two which resulted in a fairly good (but even colder) third morning. Day Three felt good ... surprisingly good. No real pain or discomfort at all ... and a moving-as-always closing ceremony.

I haven't yet decided what my 3-Day situation for next year will be. Fundraising is difficult in a tough economy, but I'd like to give it a try. I kind of want to crew for one of the walks in the summer, before school starts. And then if my fundraising goes well enough, I'll also register for a walk. If fundraising goes poorly ... I don't know. My brain is too mushy right now.

I've posted a bunch of pictures with captions in a web album, but here are some highlights.

Dana Fantini and I on Day One...still very happy.

Being greeted by schoolchildren along the route is always a highlight.

Our row in the City of Tents (we had Lot I-86)

The Sneaker Salute for the breast cancer survivors as they walk in is a Breast Cancer 3-Day tradition.


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Breast Cancer 3-Day said...

Congratulations on your walk! Hope you can make it again next year.